BSD-2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia

Deep Regional system using an annular phased array configuration to shape and focus
thermal energy on targeted treatment area deep inside the limbs, pelvis, abdomen or thorax.

  • BSD-2000 Features

    • Clinically Proven in Phase III studies
    • Industry Leader in Hyperthermia
    • FDA (HDE) Approved for the
      treatment of cervical tumors
  • 24” Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor

    High resolution monitor providing easy access to user control systems for improved patient monitoring and system control.
  • 8-port Temperature Monitoring

    Track up to 8 independent temperature probes (31 sensor locations per probe) for accurate thermal dosing. Motorized system allows for superior zone mapping. An integrated thermal well ensures easy and accurate temperature calibration.
  • 75-120 MHz Four-Channel Power Amplifier

    75-120 MHz Four-Channel 1300W solid-state amplifier, independent phase and amplitude adjustment capability. Maximum power output of 0 to 500 watts per channel.
  • Color Printer

    The BSD-2000 computer system includes a wireless printer, keyboard/mouse, and USB ports for the offloading of patient records. (model subject to change)
  • Sigma 60 Applicator

    The Sigma 60 is an annular phased array applicator with 8 radiating dipoles, and a bolus membrane. The largest in the series with a 60cm opening. Advanced annular phased array principles create a central focusing of energy, which significantly overcomes the penetration losses of the energy radiated into the body.
  • Sigma 30

    The Sigma 30 is an annular phased array applicator designed for limbs. This applicator has also been used for Pediatric cancer treatment
  • Sigma Ellipse

    The Sigma Ellipse is an annular phased array applicator with 8 radiating dipoles, and a bolus membrane. The Sigma Ellipse provides improved comfort for smaller size patients. Applicator can be swapped out for different sizes.
  • Water Circulation System

    Provides constant volume water supply to the Applicator Bolus with temperature range of 5 ̊C to 45 ̊C.
  • Patient Support System

    Hydraulic patient sling allows for the centering of the patient in the applicator.
  • Control Panel

    Easy to use controls for patient positioning and bolus water fill/circulation

Pyrexar BSD-2000 Product Certifications

BSD 2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment System

The Sigma Treatment Base Unit

  • RF power delivery subsystem.
  • Proprietary, thermistor-based, thermometry subsystems.
  • Computerized monitoring and control subsystems.
  • Applicator subsystem that includes an applicator and patient support system.
  • Various accessories, including a tissue equivalent QA lamp phantom that provides verification of the energy focus, pattern steering, and system operations.

The standard BSD-2000 has a maximum power output of 1300 watts. Currently sold throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. And in the U.S. only under FDA sanctioned device exemption.

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