RF Shielding for the BSD-2000

Affordable, fast installation, alternative to traditional RF shielding

The BSD-2000 generates Non-Ionizing Radiation, in the form of radio frequency (RF), during deep regional hyperthermia treatments. Phased Array RF energy excites cells in the body, producing cell friction, which generates localized heat.  Stray RF field emissions can interfere with communication products, like FM radio.  Much like the EMF shielding required for MRI systems, the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires the blocking of these competing frequencies from leaking out of the treatment room.

Shielding can be an expensive and disruptive process for any cancer treatment center. There is a high quality, lower cost, solution alternative*, that can be installed without affecting the existing lighting, air handling, fire monitoring, and fire suppression systems. This product is modular and can be installed in as few as three days by a small installation crew. For an overview of the installation process, see the slide show above.   Go to the MROSB website for more information, or price quote.

Images are courtesy of the University of Maryland Proton Center.
*Pyrexar makes not claims, implied or expressed, to the performance of this product.