BSD-500 Superficial Hyperthermia

a versatile, fully self-contained treatment system in a mobile configuration
or maximum treatment flexibility of superficial tumors within 1” of skin surface

Treatment Planning Software

Performing interstitial hyperthermia requires the use for the BSD-500 built-in treatment planning program. Using this software, the size and shape of the tumor can be traced on a grid on the computers screen. Treatment plans can ten be made by simulating the placement of antennae in and around the tumor. The power and phase of each channel can be set and adjusted on the screen. Each change in placement, power or phase will display the new simulated heating pattern.  Watch Demo

Trace tumor and position applicators

500 screen trace tumor 500px

Calculate energy distribution pattern

500 screen calc energy 500px


Adjust phase and power to achieve desired heating pattern

500 screen adjust phase 500px

Transfer settings to hyperthermia treatment screen

500 screen transfer 500px