Mission Statement

PYREXAR Medical is the pioneer and worldwide market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and highly effective hyperthermia treatment systems with established global distribution. PYREXAR HyperThermia treatments increase the effective dose of ionizing radiation in cancerous tumors up to 3X without increasing toxicity of healthy tissues.

PYREXAR HT systems deliver therapeutic heating to cancerous tumors via non-invasive radio-frequency (RF) energy.  During PHT treatment, the cancerous tumor is gently warmed to 40-45˚C (104-113˚F) destroying the malignancy while preserving normal tissues because higher temperatures selectively damage cells that are hypoxic and have a low pH, a condition of cancer cells that is not present in normal cells.

Multi-center clinical trials in the US, Europe and Asia over the past 30 years document dramatic improvement in survival rates when PHT is combined with radiotherapy in the treatment of chest wall recurrences after breast cancer, locally advanced cervical cancer, rectal cancer, high risk soft tissue sarcoma, malignant melanoma, anal carcinoma and bladder cancer.

PYREXAR HT can now be integrated within 1.5 Tesla MR systems to provide simultaneous RF heating and MR Imaging, enabling treatment of deep primary tumors of pelvis, abdomen, and lung with real-time thermometry that is both highly accurate and non-invasive. This new multimodality treatment approach has caused renewed interest in PHT technology as a valuable adjunct to radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy and surgery.

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