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A friendly reminder that the main Hyperthermia conference events in the US, Europe, and ASIA, (STM, ESHO, ACHO) are right around the corner. These conferences are a gathering of the best in hyperthermia research and an excellent resource for those interested in the field of thermal oncology.

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Thermal Medicine, 32nd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology and 7th Annual Asia Conference of Hyperthermic Oncology will provide an arena for presentations of latest data, concepts, and breakthroughs in our ever-expanding understanding of thermal medicine in the context of engineering, physics, materials science, and biology.

Keynote and Plenary speakers will highlight the extensive connections between physics, information science, biology, imaging, and the thermal state.


Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers in the field of thermal oncology
  • Clinicians, new to the field, who would like to talk with experts
  • Clinicians who want to expand their thermal oncology program
  • Medical Students that want to understand how hyperthermia may impact the future of medicine.
  • Pyrexar Distributors who want to expand their working knowledge of hyperthermia
  • Potential purchasers of hyperthermia equipment

Here are some dates to help you plan

Conference Dates: May 7-10 May 16-19 May 23-25
Location: Tuscon, Arizona Berlin, Germany Seoul, Korea
Venue: Westin La Paloma Resort Langenbeck-Virsho Hause The Catholic University
of Korea
Conference Pass: $650 - $1300 € 350 - €500 USD 235
Hotel: $109 €149 - €218  
Show Website:

Hope to see you there!