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The CME-accredited educational program offered by the University of Maryland, School of Thermal Oncology is now open for registration.

  • UMMC hyperthermia training
    University of Maryland Thermal Oncology School CME course
    held at the Maryland Proton Center in Baltimore, MD
  • Thermal oncology training team
    The educational team included (left to right) JW Snider, MD; Paul Stauffer;
    Dario Rodrigues, PhD; Jason Molitoris, MD, PhD; Mariana Guerrero,PhD; John Hayes,MD;
    and Zeljko Vujaskovic, MD, Phd
  • Participants from the U.S., Poland, South Korea and key hospitals in the
    U.S. attended the 2-day lecture and workshop
  • Professor Stauffer, from Thomas Jefferson University, discusses Treatment Planning
    and Execution
  • Dr. Rodrigues demonstrates temperature probe placement in a phantom on the BSD-2000
  • BSD-500 Superficial Hyperthermia at University of Maryland
    Dr. Guerrero (UMMC) with Mr. Stauffer (Thomas Jefferson) demonstrate the operation
    of the BSD-500 Superficial/Interstitial Hyperthermia system.
  • Participants discuss the operation of the BSD-2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia System
  • The thermal oncology staff at the University of Maryland use lasers for
    reliable, repeatable patient positioning
  • Doctors' Biswal and Rodriques discuss operational safety and RF field management
  • Using a phantom to simulate temperature management on the BSD-500
  • South Korean delegation at the Maryland Proton Center

The last session drew an international crowd, including physicians from South Korea, Poland, and Japan, as well as prominent cancer centers here in the U.S. The feedback we received, was that this was a five-star educational program, valuable to any member of a thermal oncology team.  Topics covered all aspects of practice management, patient treatment, physics, and workflow. Practice managers shared how adding thermal oncology to their services increased overall revenue by over 19%.  This information is essential for centers that want to add hyperthermia systems but require cost justification to receive purchase approval.

Pyrexar Medical continues to support educational outreach from organizations like the University of Maryland, Society of Thermal Medicine, European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, and similar institutions that strive to move forward hyperthermia research in the treatment of cancer. The CME course outline can be found here.