BSD-2000 3D/MR Deep Regional Hyperthermia

MR image guided real-time non-invasive thermometry and Integration with 1.5 Tesla MR system

  • BSD-2000 3D/MR Features

    • Image Guided Thermal Therapy
    • Ground breaking temperature visualization
    • Not for Sale in the US
  • 24” Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor

    High resolution monitor providing easy access to user control systems for improved patient monitoring and system control.
  • 8-port Temperature Monitoring

    Track up to 8 independent temperature probes (31 sensor locations per probe) for accurate thermal dosing. Motorized system allows for superior zone mapping. An integrated thermal well ensures easy and accurate temperature calibration.
  • 100 MHz Twelve-Channel Power Amplifier

    100 MHz Twelve Channel 1800W solid-state amplifier, independent phase and amplitude adjustment capability. Maximum power output up to 135 watts per channel.
  • Color Printer

    The BSD-2000 computer system includes a wireless printer, keyboard/mouse, and USB ports for the offloading of patient records. (model subject to change)
  • Sigma Eye MR

    The Sigma Eye MR is an annular phased array applicator with 24 radiating dipoles, and a bolus membrane. Clamshell design allows for easy patient access and improved workflow
  • Water Circulation System

    Newly design water system provides software controlled, remote fill/drain functions, circulation and temperature control to the applicator bolus.
  • Table Tray Insert

    Pyrexar designs a custom MR table insert that allows for easy installation and removal of patient applicator and patient positioning accessories. Quickly removed for imaging only applications.
  • MRI System

    The BSD-2000 3D/MR is compatible with many 70cm bore 1.5T MRI systems. Contact us for a compatibility analysis and/or system reccomendation

Product Certification for the Pyrexar BSD-2000 3D MR

Three-Dimensional Hyperthermia with Non-Invasive Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging Capabilities

The BSD-2000 3D/MR System combines the sophisticated treatment delivery and control capabilities of the Sigma Eye Applicator with the non-invasive patient and treatment monitoring capabilities of the independently operated MR imaging System.

To minimize the interaction between these two systems, special filters are installed in both systems, thus eliminating interference problems. The BSD-2000 3D/MR and the Sigma Eye MR System provide a high degree of RF isolation between the hyperthermia therapy and MR imaging device.

  • Non-invasive MRI during hyperthermia treatments provides the capability to monitor changes in temperature
  • Electromagnetic (EM) phased array hyperthermia applicator with 3D heating pattern and shaping control
  • 3D, patient-specific, treatment planning workstation currently available through our partner
  • Non-invasive magnetic resonance (MR) imaging
  • 3D optimization of radiated power amplitudes and phases

This model is currently sold outside of the U.S.

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