BSD-2000 Published Clinical Studies

Phase I, II & III Clinical Studies that used the BSD-2000

Tumor Author Year Method No. of Patients Title Journal Abstract Link
Breast Stoetzer 2020 CT+HT 53 Post-Neoadjuvant Gemcitabine and Cisplatin with Regional Hyperthermia for Patients with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Non-pCR after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: A Single-Institute Experience Karger icon 48 article
Breast De-Colle 2019 RT+HT 20 Hyperthermic chest wall re-irradiation in recurrent breast cancer: a prospective observational study Strahlenther Onkol icon 48 article
Breast Müller 2011 RT+HT 42 Re-surgery and chest wall re-irradiation for recurrent breast cancer - a second curative approach BMC Cancer icon 48 article
Breast Hehr 2001 HT # Thermoradiotherapy for locally recurrent breast cancer with skin involvement Int J Hyperthermia icon 48 article