BSD-2000 Published Clinical Studies

Phase I, II & III Clinical Studies that used the BSD-2000

Tumor Author Year Method No. of Patients Title Journal Abstract Link
Vaginal Aktas 2007 RT+HT 44 Concomitant radiotherapy and hyperthermia for primary carcinoma of the vagina: a cohort study. Eur J Obstet icon 48 article
Pelvic van der Zee 2000 RCT+HT 358 Comparison of radiotherapy alone with radiotherapy plus hyperthermia in locally advanced pelvic tumours: a prospective, randomised, multicentre trial Lancet icon 48 article
Deep Tumors Myerson 1996 RT+HT 66 A phase I/II study to evaluate radiation therapy and hyperthermia for deep-seated tumours: a report of RTOG 89-08. Int J Hyperthermia icon 48 article


1991 RT vs.
53 Regional hyperthermia in patients with recurrent genitourinary cancer. Am J Clin Oncol icon 48 article