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Four weeks ago, the ABC News department at Salt Lake City's Good4Utah Channel 4 followed us to a Hyperthermia Oncology Conference in New Orleans. The news crew was looking to answer one question, "Why was hyperthermia cancer treatment therapy was so underutilized in the state?" Especially in a state where hyperthermia equipment has been manufactured for the last 34 years.  Instead of flying around the world, they decided to visit the one place where experts in the field would be gathering, the ICHO.

The ICHO (International Conference for Hyperthermia Oncology) is a quadrennial meeting of the ASHO (Asian Society of Hyperthermic Oncology), the ESHO (European Society of Hyperthermic Oncology) and the STM (Society of Thermal Medicine - USA).  It is a place where experts in the field gather to share studies and challenge one another.  United by one goal, defeat cancer.

The ABC news team included reporter Nadia Crow, videographer/editor John Eulberg, and VP/GM of Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Richard Doutrè Jones.  This video is their first installment "History of Hyperthermia." Follow the story link for a complete transcript.  Video included in this post, courtesy of Good4Utah.com.

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