Soft Tissue SarcomaHyperthermia Saves Lives

Clinical results like the one below reveal that Chemotherapy treatment is more effective when combined with Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia warms the tumor to temperatures in the "fever range" which makes the cancer cells more sensitive to treatment. Normal healthy cells recover while cancer cells die.

Clinical Evidence

Tumor Entity:

Soft tissue sarcoma primary or locally recurrent both of the trunk and the extremities.

Treatment Modality:

Primary or locally recurrent soft tissue sarcoma,  both of the trunk and the extremities, were treated with 4 cycles of chemotherapy, Etoposide, Iphosphamide and Adriamycin, both pre and post local treatment.  Patients were randomized to additional hyperthermia or not. All contributing centers have been using the BSD-2000 and BSD-2000-3D devices.

Disease Free Survival after 7 years (Issels 2010)

  • Chemotherapy EIA alone: 21%
  • Chemotherapy EIA plus Hyperthermia: 42%

sarcoma graph


Chemotherapy and Hyperthermia:

When hyperthermia is combined with chemotherapy, general treatment guidelines of the ESHO European Society of Hyperthermic Oncology recommend:

  • Target volume for hyperthermia: The target volume for hyperthermia is the gross tumor volume.
  • Sequence of treatment modalities: Hyperthermia is given simultaneously with chemotherapy during cytostasis.
  • Duration of hyperthermia treatment: Superficial hyperthermia total 60 minutes, deep hyperthermia total 90 minutes (including 30 minutes heating-up time)