Cancer steals it from us. This disease has impact on the lives of everyone on the planet. Reducing life expectancy; separating families; robbing us of life’s precious moments.

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated one million, six hundred fifty eight thousand, three hundred and seventy new cases of cancer in the United States this year. With new drugs and improved treatment technologies, the five-year survival rates are up 19% compared to 30 years ago. But current projections place mortality rate in excess of half a million people. That is the equivalent to every man, women and child in Boston. Gone.

Are we doing enough? What if we could give everyone more time? What would you do with it?

There is a therapy clinically proven to increase chances of survival when added to traditional cancer therapies. Just sixty minutes of non-invasive, pain-free, harm-free treatment that can increase positive outcomes by as much as 300%. Thermal Therapy, also known as hyperthermia, uses targeted heat to sensitize tumors to radiation and chemotherapy. Heat causes blood vessels to expand and profusion allows oxygen rich red blood cells to leak into the oxygen poor cancer tumor. Radiation therapy uses that additional oxygen to throw off oxygen radicals that cause cell death. The hyperthermic process acts like a booster shot, increasing the effectiveness of the dose to the patient without additional radiation exposure.

Pyrexar Medical Systems has been developing and refining this technique for 30 years. We offer Superficial treatment systems that commonly treat recurrent chest wall tumors and cancers of the head and neck. Interstitial capabilities, to complement brachytherapy treatments of prostrate and breast. And in many countries, we’ve been offering Deep Regional Hyperthermia systems for cervical, bladder, prostate, colorectal, pancreas and other cancers of the pelvic region. Pyrexar deep regional systems delivers energy from a power source and via an array of antennae that surround the patient. The thermal treatment zone can be optimized by adjusting frequency, phase and amplitude. This Steering and control technology allows the operator to enhance heating in the tumor while reducing effect on healthy tissues. And now we are developing Image Guided Thermal Therapy technology, for maximum treatment efficiency and effectiveness.

In over 100 published clinical studies, the combination of heat and radiotherapy, or heat and chemotherapy, have improved tumor control, especially for late stage and recurrent disease.

The evidence is clear. Thermal Therapy works.

The next time a patient asks for more time. How will you respond? For more information visit our website at Pyrexar.com

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