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Researchers are combining traditional cancer treatment therapies to increase a patient's chance of surviving cancer.  Even a few percentage points in tumor response can represent a significant benefit in saving a life. Dr. Niloy Datta. From Kantonsspital Aarau AG, Switzerland presented his recently published meta-analysis paper at a conference held at the Scientific-Research Institute of Oncology, St. Petersburg, Russia.

In the analysis, Dr. Datta compared results for treating advanced cancer of the cervix using combination therapies.  When comparing Chemotherapy with Radiotherapy (CTRT) versus radiation alone, the odds benefit of complete tumor response was 1.43.  When comparing Hyperthermia with Radiotherapy (HTRT) versus radiation alone, the odds of complete tumor response to 2.68.

Hyperthermia plus Radiation therapy provided superior outcomes without the increase in acute toxicity found with Chemotherapy.


Go to minute 25:00 on the presentation to see the overall Odds and risk ratios presented.

The paper was published on August 12th, 2016, in the International Journal of Hyperthermia, Hyperthermia, and radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer: a systematic review with conventional and network meta-analyses. Niloy R. Datta, Susanne Rogers, Dirk Klingbiel, Silvia GoĢmez, Emsad Puric & Stephan Bodis