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Pyrexar uses crane to hyperthermia install system on ninth floor

Amazon.com might someday be delivering your packages by a tiny drone, but when Pyrexar provides to a customer site, we use a crane. Delivery by crane is not our usual methodology, but when a brand new BSD-2000 arrived at the Healer's Care Center in Busan, South Korea, we headed off script for installation. At just under 9ft long, the Deep Regional Hyperthermia system was clearly not going to fit in a 5ft by 5ft freight elevator the cancer center had to offer.

But for a country of 49 million people in an area half the size of the state of Kentucky (pop. 4.4 million), tall buildings and tight accommodations are nothing new. 

The engineers did not blink; they brought in a crane, created a lifting platform, and prepared the unit to be elevated high above the sidewalk. Some cover panels were removed, and anything that might get caught during the lift was secured to the system.  A forklift delivered the system to a lifting platform at the end of a boom crane, and the crane lifted the 700 lb treatment base to a ninth-floor window. Workers removed the hallway window, transitioned the base to a scaffolding-like structure and down to the floor.

korea 2000 prepkorea 2000 forkliftkorea 2000 cranekorea 2000 windowkorea 2000 installed2

In no time, the system base joined its slightly smaller system components and was sitting in a brand new treatment room where successful installation and systems training sessions followed.  A special thanks to the crew at the Healer's Care Center along with the team from HanBeam Technologies for their great effort.  The new system is now successfully treating patients with cancer patients with the benefits of hyperthermia.

So next time someone brags about getting a pizza via drone, tell them about Pyrexar cancer treatment systems with crane delivery.