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Chung Han-Soo [HanBeam]; Kwang Ho Kim [Healer’s Care Hospital]; Jung Sang Rok [Hanbeam]; Myung Jin Park [HanBeam]; Hyung-Kon Maeng [HanBeam]; Ray Lauritzen [Pyrexar]

South Korea has the eighth highest cancer rate in the world (the US ranks sixth). Tracking cancer statistics in the country is the KCCR (Korea Central Cancer Registry), a nationwide hospital-based cancer registry established by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. According to the KCCR, stomach and colorectal cancer are some of the highest incidence of cancer among men and women in the country. This is an excellent opportunity for hyperthermia to make a positive impact on the citizens of South Korea.

After meeting Korea's strict regulatory standards, two new BSD-2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia systems landed in South Korea. Pyrexar’s Field Service Manager, Ray Lauritzen, was onsite for installation and training. Joined by local distributor HanBeam Technology, the first unit was successfully installed and ready for operation at the newly opened Healer’s Care Hospital in the city of Busan.  The second installation is scheduled for this week at the YCH Cancer Hospital in Seoul. Both oncology groups were looking forward to treating patients with the new systems.