BSD Medical is Now Pyrexar Medical

The complete line of BSD Hyperthermia products are availble thru Pyrexar Medical

ASTRO beforeSaturday was set-up day for Pyrexar at the ASTRO 2016. The exhibition, held at the Boston Convention Center, is expected to draw 10,000 radiation oncologists, physicists, and therapists from around the globe. This year we had a beautiful in-line space across the aisle from one of our customers, 21st Century Oncology.  Their Fort Meyers, FL location uses a BSD-500 Superficial/Interstitial Hyperthermia System to treat a variety of cancers, including recurrent chest wall tumors and melanoma.

astro cratesastro open crates

Crates arrived on time, and the booth will be ready to go for Sunday’s exhibition opening. Watch for tomorrow's blog to see the booth.

On September 5th, the United States observed Labor Day.  This national holiday honors the creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Even though iconic brands like Apple, Levi, and Rawlings (the official baseball of the MLB is made in Costa Rica) are no longer manufactured in the U.S.A, the U.S. is still a manufacturing powerhouse. Especially when it comes to providing the world with advanced medical devices. According to the International Monetary fund, the U.S. exports a whopping $85 billion in medical devices. Although some brands have moved their manufacturing overseas, “Made In America” is still very sought after when it comes to medicine.

dalian sfoGroup photo includes members from Dalian Orientech, Dalian Municipal Central Hospital, and Pyrexar Medical.

That is why it was not surprising that when representatives from Dalian Municipal Central Hospital in China were ready to invest in new medical technologies, they came to the U.S. to do some shopping.  China is the second-largest medical device market in the world. In addition to having the world’s largest population, the Chinese government has invested heavily in healthcare infrastructure with primary healthcare for all citizens. Although it possesses its medical device industry, it often looks to the United States for advanced technology products.

Dr. Wang, president of Dalian Municipal Central Hospital, met with Pyrexar CEO, Mark Falkowski to talk about hyperthermia as a necessary treatment to fight cancer in China.  Pyrexar continues its expanse into China with the assistance of our long-time distributor Dalian Orientech Co., Ltd.


Researchers are combining traditional cancer treatment therapies to increase a patient's chance of surviving cancer.  Even a few percentage points in tumor response can represent a significant benefit in saving a life. Dr. Niloy Datta. From Kantonsspital Aarau AG, Switzerland presented his recently published meta-analysis paper at a conference held at the Scientific-Research Institute of Oncology, St. Petersburg, Russia.

In the analysis, Dr. Datta compared results for treating advanced cancer of the cervix using combination therapies.  When comparing Chemotherapy with Radiotherapy (CTRT) versus radiation alone, the odds benefit of complete tumor response was 1.43.  When comparing Hyperthermia with Radiotherapy (HTRT) versus radiation alone, the odds of complete tumor response to 2.68.

Hyperthermia plus Radiation therapy provided superior outcomes without the increase in acute toxicity found with Chemotherapy.


Go to minute 25:00 on the presentation to see the overall Odds and risk ratios presented.

The paper was published on August 12th, 2016, in the International Journal of Hyperthermia, Hyperthermia, and radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer: a systematic review with conventional and network meta-analyses. Niloy R. Datta, Susanne Rogers, Dirk Klingbiel, Silvia Gómez, Emsad Puric & Stephan Bodis

We would like you to join us for the RSNA 102nd Scientific Assembly & Annual Meeting in Chicago.  RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) is the premier radiological show in the world, with more than 435 educational courses, 1,728 scientific paper presentations, and 659 exhibitors.

RSNA 2016 convenes radiology professionals from around the globe to gather knowledge through educational courses, explore the latest innovations presented by technical exhibitors, discover groundbreaking research from scientific paper presentations, and participate in networking opportunities.

The exhibits run Sunday thru Thursday, November 27th - December 1st. From the main entrance of the South Hall A, find your way to the back of the hall, next to the BISTRO food court.  Look for booth 3276.  Click the map for the full listing.

RSNA 2016, McCormick Place, Chicago Convention Center, Nov. 27th - Dec. 1st

RSNA 2016 floor map


If you would like to reserve some time in advance with one of our experts, submit the link form, and we will confirm your appointment time. We look forward to seeing you there.