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The complete line of BSD Hyperthermia products are availble thru Pyrexar Medical

A few facts that I learned during my visit to Kuwait; 1) gas is the fifth cheapest in the world, 2) the temperature can get hot enough to melt your tires, and 3) the region has excellent healthcare resources.

A local distributor, MedVision, is looking to bring hyperthermia to Kuwait and the surrounding region. MedVision, a division of SADITA Holdings Group, is considered one of the fast-growing companies in this field. Established in 2010, they are considered the market leaders in the territory, representing well-known companies in cardiology, cardiac surgery, and peripheral intervention.

Physicians gathered at the Kuwait Cancer Center to learn about advancements in hyperthermia.  In addition to Mark Falkowski's Pyrexar's product overview presentation, MedVision invited hyperthermia expert and Director of the division of Translational Radiation Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Zeljko Vujaskovic.

Ali Rabie, Senior Product Specialist, MedVision | Mark Falkowski, CEO - Pyrexar Medical | Ahmed El Ghamry, Business Unit Manager, MedVision

MedVision Headquarters, Safat, Kuwait

Dr. Zeljko Vujaskovic., Director of Translational Radiation Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

Oncologist gather at Kuwait Cancer Center to hear how hyperthermia can assist them in the treatment of cancer

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Dr. Vujaskovic has published more than 150 articles and book chapters on radiation therapy, radiation injury, and hyperthermia topics. He has directed national and international research collaborations and is an active participant in cooperative group trials. He maintains a busy clinical practice, with a focus on advanced treatment approaches in prostate cancer. His presentation, “Principles of Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment,” was well received. "The more we can get oncologist engaged, the greater the chance hyperthermia will return to its place as a pillar of cancer treatment."

We are in negotiations with MedVision to become an authorized distributor for Kuwait with expansion into Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Iraq, & Iran.

ORR 2018

A reminder that he ORR (Oncoradiology, Radiology, and Radiotherapy) Congress will be held in Moscow, Russia, at the Holiday Inn from February 16-17, 2018. Representing Pyrexar Medical's hyperthermia product line will be our distributor Sennewald Medizintechnik, GmbH.

screenshot 2017 12 11 11 49 01The main goal of the conference is to provide a platform for radiodiagnosticians, radiotherapists, and medical physicists for education, ideas and experience exchange, discussion of actual issues, and professional communication. For the first time traditional conferences such as “Radiodiagnosis Standards in Oncology,” “Radiotherapy in Oncology,” “Medical Physics in Oncology,” “Interventional Radiology in Oncology,” “Radionuclide Therapy in Oncology” and the conference with international participation “PET in Oncology” will be considered within the same event. Also, for the first time, the conference “Ultrasonic Diagnosis in Oncology,” dedicated to the memory of Professor S. Balter will be performed, and discussion site for fundamental and theoretical problems in radiobiology will be provided.

A link to registration can be found here.

I just returned from a five day trip to India at the invitation of our distributor Kirloskar Technologies (KTPL). A special thanks to the planning and support of Mr. Ketan Desai, President of the Oncology Business at KTPL, for arranging the site visits and taking such good care of us. India is a huge market and can play an essential role in the growth of Pyrexar. To put the Indian market into perspective, the country represents just under 18% of the world population (1.34 billion population) packed into a landmass 1/3 the size of the US (323 million people). Treating the nation's cancer patients is a severe challenge.

Sasi Sekhar, KTPL Service Manager | Ketan Desai, President Oncology Business, KTPL | Dr. Geeta S Narayanan, Vydehi Institute | Mark Falkowski, CEO, Pyrexar Medical | Dr. Lokesh Viswanath | Dr. R. Vinaykumar

Mr. Sayan Bhattacharya | Dr. Jigna Bhattacharya, Assoc. Professor, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute | Mark Falkowski, CEO, Pyrexar Medical | Ketan Desai, President Oncology Business, KTPL

Mark Falkowski, CEO, Pyrexar Medical | Dr. Nagraj Huilgol, Chief Radiation Oncologist, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital | Ketan Desai, President Oncology Business, KTPL

Dr. Huilgol currently practicing at Nanavati. "Don't let the quaint exterior fool you, this is as modern a facility as any I have visited in the US" says Mark Falkowski

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The journey took us down the western coast of India, where we visited with several essential hospitals targeted to introduce our radiative hyperthermia product line to the country. From Ahmedabad in the Northwestern state of Gujarat to the coastal city of Mumbai in Maharashtra, to the southern city of Bangalore in Karnataka.  Information was well received, but they all asked the same question, "Where have you been." That question is a little challenging to answer as our products are well established in European nations, in the US, China, and proliferating on the Korean peninsula.

Where have you been? Why isn't Pyrexar in India?

Pyrexar has seen tremendous growth in the last three years. The regulatory requirements to enter each new country are rigorous, and we have been working quickly to bring proven hyperthermia treatment to the world. As we start filling the void, lesser technologies are pushed aside and replaced. The simple truth to why we are not active in India is that we did not have reliable distribution partners, until now. Kirloskar Technologies has the technical understanding, product depth and reach, and a service team that can handle our product line. With this partnership in place, it is possible to bring our systems to market in India.

One of the highlights of the trip was my meeting with Dr. Nagraj Huilgol. As you may know, Dr. Huilgol is a hyperthermia advocate and researcher with more than 100 publications in national and international journals. He was lead researcher in phase III clinical study on head and neck cancer using capacitive hyperthermia. His CV includes Chief Editor of the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics (JCRT) and a member of editorial boards of the Indian Journal of Cancer, Indian Journal of Head and Neck Cancer, International Journal of Hyperthermia and the official journal of ASHO, ESHO, and NAHO. Having this well-known hyperthermia expert as a luminary will help usher hyperthermia into India.


We are proud to announce the signing of Finggal Link Co. Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo, as our new distributor in Japan. Through the combined efforts of Mr. Masaaki Inoue of Advanced Medical and the regulatory group at Finggal Link, we hope to reinvigorate the product line in Japan.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were approximately twenty BSD-1000 units installed in Japan. The BSD-1000 is the predecessor to the products we have today. In 1993, the sales distributor for Japan was dissolved, leaving a product registration void that was never re-established. With this new effort, we hope to introduce the new Pyrexar product line and revive the use of hyperthermia for the treatment of cancer in Japan.

finggal link signingMasaaki Nagone-CEO, Finggal Link; Mark Falkowski - CEO, Pyrexar Medical; Kenji Hirayama - Director, Int'l Affairs and RA/QA, Finggal Link
Dr. Tetsuya Furukawa - Director, Medical Division, at Finggal Link, will head the clinical introduction efforts at major hospitals throughout the country. A special thanks to Dr. Hayes and the thermal oncology team at Gamma West Cancer Services in Salt Lake City for allowing Dr. Furukawa to observe a Head and Neck Brachytherapy and Hyperthermia treatment at the St. Mark's location. Gamma West is an excellent asset to the medical community in Utah, and throughout the intermountain region, providing lifesaving and life-changing procedures for cancer patients.

Finggal link at gamma westMasakki Innoue - Advanced Medical Systems; Dr. John Hayes - Gamma West Cancer Services; Paul Turner - Pyrexar Medical; Dr. Tetsuya Furukawa - Finggal Link

We want to acknowledge all the speakers for their participation at the First International Conference of the Polish Society for Hyperthermic Oncology.  It was a fantastic event.  Special thanks to the dedicated team at HT systems for creating such a dynamic conference and for re-energizing hyperthermia in Poland. And to the co-sponsors of the event for their support of the meeting. Pyrexar Medical strives to support hyperthermia (the treatment of cancer with heat) education and research around the globe.

Distribution Partner HT Systems
Dariusz Droś, CEO of HT Systems and Mark Falkowski, CEO of Pyrexar Medical

BSD-2000 Scale Model
HT Systems commissioned a 1/3 scale model of the BSD-2000 Sigma Base with the Sigma Ellipse Applicator

Pyrexar Represented
HT Systems is the exclusive distributor of Pyrexar Medical Hyperthermia Systems in Poland

Meeting Well Attended
A large group of researchers and clinicians attended the event at the Hotel Rezydencja Luxury, Piekary Slaskie, Poland

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The lectures were professionally recorded and are in the editing process. The PTHO has started a Youtube Channel, which will be hosting the video presentations of the speakers listed below.

Speaker Video Lecture Background
Prof. Niloy R. Datta, MD, DNB, CCST (CH) Play Video "Overview of meta-analysis clinical trials in head neck cancers / recurrent breast tumors / locally advanced cancer cervix." 
[Language: English]
Senior Consultant and Head, Radiation Oncology Research Programme, Centre of Radiation Oncology KSA-KSB, Kantonsspital Aarau AG, Aarau, Switzerland
Dr. Sc. Hana Dobsicek Trefna, Ph.D. (S) Play Video "Quality assurance in hyperthermia treatments."
[Lecture: English]
Assistant professor in the Biomedical electromagnetics research group and an expert in systems and focusing algorithms for microwave hyperthermia treatment of deep-seated tumors. Her work aims at the clinical introduction of hyperthermia in Sweden, developing a UWB hyperthermia system for the treatment of Head and Neck tumors and exploring the possibility of hyperthermia treatment of brain tumors in children.
Dr. med. Boris Hübenthal, MD, Ph.D. (CH) Play Video "Case Reports from the Center of Integrative Oncology ZIO Zurich"
[Language: Polish]
Medical Director of the Center of Integrative Oncology ZIO in Zürich Switzerland, Chairman of the European Society for integrative oncology ESIO eV. Principle investigator of the database project
Prof. Rolf Issels, MD, Ph.D. (D) Play Video "Up-date on clinical trials combining regional hyperthermia with chemotherapy" presented at the PTHO Conference "
[Language: English]
Head of the Clinical Cooperation Group Hyperthermia
Researcher at the Helmholtz Zentrum München Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH)
Dr. Jacek Kabut, MD, Ph.D. (PL) Play Video "The treatment of bladder cancer combined with regional hyperthermia - case report" [Language: Polish] Specialist of Internal Medicine and Oncology. Chief Assistant of the Oncology Department in the Regional Specialist Hospital in Rybnik.
Oncology consultant in the Regional Hospital of Pulmonary Diseases in Wodzisław-Śląski Wilchwach.
Member of the Polish Society for Clinical Oncology, Polish Society for Experimental and Clinical Immunology and of Polish Society for Hyperthermic Oncology.
Dr. Dorota Kazberuk, MD (PL) Play Video "Deep tissue hyperthermia in oncological gynecology in Białystok Cancer Center."
[Language: Polish]
Radiation Oncologist in the Radiation and Brachytherapy Department and Brachytherapy Coordinator of the Białystok Cancer Centre. Member of the supervisory committee of the Polish Brachytherapy Society (PTB). Regional Branch President of the Polish Oncology Society of Podlasie.
Prof. Wiesław Kozak, Ph.D. (PL) Play Video "Fever Biology"
[language: Polish]
Full Professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland,  former Dean of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Head of Immunology Department
Dr. Andrzej Kukiełka, MD, Ph.D. (PL) Play Video  "Rescue brachytherapy combined with interstitial hyperthermia in local relapse of prostate cancer after radical radiation therapy - prospective study phase II - current state of research."
[Language: Polish; Slides: English]
Radiation Oncologist in NU-MED Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy Centre in Zamość 
Member of European Society of Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO)
Member of the Review Panel of the Polish Brachytherapy Society (PTB)
Prof. Urszula Mazurek, MD, Ph.D. (PL) Play Video "Heat shock proteins in hyperthermia applied in oncology."
[Language: Polish; Slides: English]
Head of Department of Molecular Biology at the Silesian University of Medicine, Member of Scientific Committee in the Biotechnology Center of the Silesian University of Technology.
Dr. Med. Michal Niksa Play Video "Operation of the BSD-2000. Experiences made in Cancer Centre of Białystok". 
[language: Polish]
A member of the Department of Radiotherapy with the Brachytherapy Department of the Białystok Cancer Center
Dr. Markus Notter, MD, Ph.D. (CH) Play Video "Low dose re-irradiation & hyperthermia in extended local recurrent breast cancer: perspectives and challenges."
[Language: English]
Radiation oncologist in the Lindenhofspital in Bern (CH), vice-president of the Berne Foundation against Cancer (Ligue Bernoise Contre le Cancer), member of the board of the Swiss Cancer League.
Prof. Elisabeth Repasky, MD, Ph.D. (USA) Play Video "Temperature Matters: Chasing an elusive evidence-based rationale for hyperthermia in the cancer clinic."
[Language: English]
Professor of Oncology, William Huebsch Professor of Immunology and Program Leader for the Cell Stress and Biophysical Therapies Program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY.
Dr. Wacław Śmiertka, MD, Ph.D. (PL) Play Video "Recommendations of PTHO for the use of hyperthermia in selected cancer diseases."
[Language: Polish; Slides: English]
Gynecologic Oncologist in Warsaw Cancer Institute
Dr. Bartosz Urbański, MD, Ph.D. (PL) Play Video "The oncologic hyperthermia" presented during the conference of PTHO."
[Language: Polish]
Radiation Oncologist in Great-Poland Cancer Institute, Poznan
Dr. Jacoba van der Zee, Ph.D. (NL) Play Video "Results of randomized trials comparing treatments with or without hyperthermia."
[Language: English]
Researcher in the field of Hyperthermia at the Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Prof. Gerard C. van Rhoon, Ph.D., (NL) Play Video "Current Technology for Hyperthermia Treatment"
[Language: English]
Professor in Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, head of Hyperthermia Unit, president of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO)
Dr. rer. nat. Alexander von Ardenne, Dipl.-Phys. (D) Play Video  "Non-oncological hyperthermia and a new immunological road to attack cancer" presented during the conference of PTHO."
[Language: English]
Head of the "Von Ardenne Institute‎ of Applied Medical Research GmbH"
Prof. Zeljko Vujaskovic, MD, Ph.D. (USA) Play Video "Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment: Rational and Clinical Directions"
[Language: English]
Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. Head of the Division of Translational Radiation Sciences in the Department of Radiation Oncology
Prof. Holger Wehner, MD, Ph.D. (D) Play Video "Extreme whole-body hyperthermia: risks and opportunities."
[Language: English]
President of German Hyperthermia Society.  Medical director in the Gisunt Klinik - Integrative Medicine and International Hyperthermia Centre. Specialist for hyperthermia for 30 years.