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magna sign 2016Using hyperthermia to treat disease is not new for the peoples of Spain. Like many European nations, thermal therapy has been in medical practice for some time.  But as the country searches to boost the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments, it looks toward hyperthermia as the answer.

At a small conference sponsored by the Spanish Societies of Radiation Oncology (SEOR) Hyperthermia Group, oncologist from the area converged in Málaga, Spain, to talk about a new type of adjunct cancer treatment. They gathered to learn about the positive clinical trials and growing success that surrounds a specific type of thermal therapy, rf (radio frequency) hyperthermia. Energy is directed deep inside the body then focused and steered by adjusting wave frequency and amplitude resulting in targeted “fever” temperature (41-42C) at the tumor sight.  Heat sensitizes and improves blood flow at the tumor site, which in turn, increases the amount of chemotherapy that reaches inside the tumor. Blood flow also brings oxygen to these hypoxic (without oxygen) cancer tumors, increasing the effectiveness of radiation therapy.  Phase 3 clinical studies demonstrate that hyperthermia, along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, increases tumor control of up to 300% when compared to radiotherapy or chemotherapy alone.

magna clinic frontThanks to regional groups like the SEOR and companies like Magna Medic, this newest cancer fighter will be available in the near future. “Facilities, like Clínica Ruber internacional (Madrid), Vithas Xanit International Hospital (Málaga), Instituto Valenciano de Oncología (Valencia) and Centro Médico Teknon (Barcelona)” are the types of progressive institutions that look for cancer treatment innovations” says Felix Navarro, Medical Physicist at the Magna Clinic Marbella, “We are very experienced with hyperthermia in our own clinic, and we look forward to sharing our successes with the country”

In preparation for the expected technology growth in hyperthermia cancer treatment sector, Magna Medic has signed a 6 year, $3 million (USD) distribution contract with hyperthermia device maker Pyrexar Medical. “We are excited to see cancer patients get the treatment they deserve” says Mark Falkowsk, Pyrexar CEO, “and we could not find a more capable partner than Magna Medic”.

Based in Málaga, Spain, Magna Medic works in the health sector specializing in technology for oncology groups. A member of SEOR hyperthermia group, the company is currently seeking hyperthermia clinical trials and is a promoter of the university masters of hyperthermia program. See them on the web at

Pyrexar Medical is a pioneer and worldwide market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and highly effective thermal therapy/hyperthermia treatment systems with established distribution and support networks around the world. PYREXAR Hyperthermia treatments, proven in multiple clinical trials over the last 30 years, increase the effective dose of ionizing radiation in solid tumors up to 3X without increasing toxicity to healthy tissues. To find out more about Pyrexar Medical products, visit our webpage

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